• Mural Commission by NYC DOT Arts opens in Staten Island

    Mural Commission by NYC DOT Arts opens in Staten Island

    Focused on Infinity, 120"x720" 2019
    commissioned by the NYC DOT Arts program.
    On view at the St. George Fery Station in Staten Island, (on route to the National Lighthouse Museum)

    “Leap and the net will appear,” wrote the naturalist John Burroughs. It is this ethic that I embrace in my painting practice, one of surging into the unknown and trusting the work will reveal itself and act as a guide. Focused on Infinity is inspired by diagrams and images of the Fresnel lens located at the National Lighthouse Museum, a guidepost for sailors navigating the oceans. I wish to draw an analogy between the navigation of an intuitive, creative landscape and the relationship between sailors and the ocean, portraying both journeys as leaps into the unknown, guided by distant light.

  • Participating in Indiglo, curated by Jessica Cannon

    Participating in Indiglo, curated by Jessica Cannon

    Far x Wide

    INDIGLO is organized by Jessica Cannon, and marks the sixth presentation from Far x Wide, an ongoing project featuring monthly selections of artworks to benefit social and environmental justice organizations. Works will be available on farbywide.com from 5/21/18 – 7/1/18 and any sales from this grouping will be split 50% to the artist
    and 50% to Children’s Aid NYC, which works to help children in poverty succeed and thrive through education, health care, and family support programs.

    Far x Wide is pleased to present INDIGLO, featuring works by Catherine Haggarty, Shanan Kurtz, Emily Noelle Lambert, Paul Metrinko, Giordanne Salley, and Jack Arthur Wood. The title for this selection was inspired by a Giordanne Salley painting of an Indiglo watch in the woods at night. The image in Salley’s painting is nostalgic and
    slightly ominous. Indiglo watches are from a more private era – the 1990s, when digital technology was still new, and before cell phones could be heard ringing in the woods. However, taken from a painting in 2018, the Indiglo light
    feels like a harbinger of the smart phones to come, the alerts lighting up the dark, and ubiquitous digital cameras framing the natural world for memory and consumption. The artists in INDIGLO each bring an otherwordly light to
    their work, and often frame elements of the natural world with post-digital consciousness.

  • Work in BAM auction

    Work in BAM auction

    Art auction to benefit Brooklyn Academy of Music May 30th 2018 is final day to bid.

  • Delighted to be included in Weekend, a group show curated by Ezra Johnson at Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami. December 2-January 18, 2018.

  • Second Solo exhibition Bellow at Denny Gallery, NYC

    Second Solo exhibition Bellow at Denny Gallery, NYC

    Solo exhibition at Denny Gallery
    opens May 18-June 26, 2017

  • nortemaar.org/projects/counterpointe-5/ Collaboration with Norte Maar and choreographer Brandi Marsh for Counter Pointe 5|
    April 7-9, 2017

  • Idée Fix first solo exhibition with Denny Gallery including recent painting and sculpture October 2015
    Denny Gallery

  • MAKE/DO: Contemporary Artists Perform Craft,
    with Rosemarie Fiore, Erin Dunn, Saya Woofalk, Emily Noelle Lambert, Alejandro Guzman
    Curated by Lauren Rosati
    at Richmond Center for Visual Arts, Monroe-Brown Gallery at
    University of Western Michigan in Kalamazoo
    Thursday January 9-February 14, 2014

  • Delighted to be awarded the 2014 Workspace Residency at Dieu Donne

  • Heart Heat, solo show at Lu Magnus
    55 Hester Street, NYC
    September 5th through October 28th 2012
    Install stop motion Heart Heat

  • Review of the 2012 Northside Open Studios
    on Hyperallergic.com

  • Studio/Interview
    Painter Valerie Brennan long distance interviews and "a behind the scenes approach to contemporary painting"
    January 2012

  • Opening in October:

    Die Like You Really Mean It:
    Curated by Paul Brainard and Frank Webster
    Allegra LaViola Gallery
    October 26 - December 03, 2011
    Opening reception: October 26, 6-9PM

    Featuring the work of:
    Erik Benson
    Paul Brainard
    Pia Dehne
    Hiroyuki Hamada
    Elizabeth Huey
    Erika Keck
    Emily Noelle Lambert
    Frank Lentini
    Eddie Martinez
    Brian Montouri
    Bryan Osburn
    Kanishka Raja
    Erika Ranee
    Tom Sanford
    Christopher Saunders
    Kristen Schiele
    Ryan Schneider
    Oliver Warden
    Frank Webster
    Eric White
    Doug Young

  • The Unseen
    Sept 17 - Oct 29, 2011
    Torrance Art Museum
    Torrance, CA

    The Unseen: gonzo curation by Adela Leibowitz (New York)

  • Please join me for this group show
    A Room Of Her Own
    curated by Natalie Frank with Amelia Ambdullahsani,
    Opening, Saturday May 7, 2011 from 6pm - 12am
    at Lu Magnus,
    55 Hester Street, LES.

    review by Daniel Kunitz on artinfo
    Artists include: Natalie Frank, Hilary Harkness, Emily Noelle Lambert, Paula Rego, Dasha Shishkin, Eve Sussman, and Mickalene Thomas

  • Group Show opens January 12th, Rogue Elements, Istanbul, Turkey
    RH+ Gallery Jan 4- Feb 11, 2011 Curated by Sarada Rauch and Baris Gokturk

  • Emergent Visions, Herndon Gallery, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio October 2010.

  • The Big Picture curated by Tom Sanford and Ryan Schneider
    at Priska Jusckha September 2010